"Perder-se para encontrar-se"

There comes a time in our adult life when we begin to wonder in which direction we are going. If we are walking "the right path", if we are faithful to our dreams, if we feel good in our body and are full of gratitude every morning as soon as we wake up for what is happening around us.


There are many practices that can bring our observation from inward to outward, to start asking ourselves many questions and consequently find essential answers. Reaching a space that is able to silence any distractions, noise and distance ourselves from limiting people or situations can be really helpful.


Take some time in total solitude, appreciate the silence, reconnect with nature. Try to get lost, forgetting who we have been or what role we have played and implement a real RESET to understand our needs, our essence, our purpose, to find ourselves again.


All of this will be possible through Kukuu Resets. A variable period of time, depending on your motivations and needs, during which you will be followed and pampered, but also respected in your boundaries and introspective moments.


If you fell that this experience resonates to you, we will be happy to customize your personal Reset. Contact us and we will be happy to organize your trip. 



Let your body and mind rest

to find your natural rhythm.



Reconnect to natural elements

that are inside of your body and form the whole universe. Rediscover your relationship with wild nature.



Embrace loving actions.

There is no judgment, only the

knowledge of your personal path.



Eat healthy: few high quality ingredients,

local and plant-based recipes, cooked with love.



Don't talk, listen to your heart.

Without words, try to express your needs

to those close to you.



Recognize your dream, your purpose.

Understand what actions will lead you to do it.

Be authentic.

Where is Kukuu?

Azores Archipelago, Graciosa Island

The Azores islands, called the Hawaii of the Atlantic, are rich in landscapes made of wild and majestic nature, pristine nature is the protagonist of all 9 islands.

The Azores are the ideal place for sustainable tourism and here are two of Portugal's 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the vineyards of Pico and the historic center of Angra do Heroismo in Terceira and the three biospheres (Graciosa, Flores and Corvo ). 

Azores Archipelago consists in 9 islands.