NUTRITION for fertility, pregnancy & postpartum

A healthy lifestyle and a healthy eating plan are always needed, but really crucial when you want to prepare your body to create life, while pregnant and straight after to heal and recover while breastfeeding! I have been pregnant two times and as a health coach now I am aware of the huge differences between following a caotic, intuitive way of eating or a organized, nurturing diet during the most important period of our lives as mom-to-be!

Of course emotions and external circumstances play an important role when we are willing to become moms, but nutrition definitely hold a key role. Like nature creates the perfect environment in soils to give birth to plants and flowers, we must take care of our body (our temple) and create the most clean, nurtured and well-balanced womb to host another soul that will feed of what we have to offer from the beginning and continue to intake.


Our dietary choices play a role in fertility issues. A recent Harvard study, for example, found that increasing saturated fat intake by just 5 percent was associated with a 38% lower sperm count. Researchers have found that patients reporting greater meat intake have decreased success with pregnancy and fertilized egg implantation, a finding consistent with poor semen quality associated with a higher intake of products with increased levels of xenoestrogens and sex steroids, such as meat or milk. A well-balanced plant-based diet will completely change the game! Both men and women will benefits from the consumption of true vital ingredients (such as greens, nuts and seeds, legumes) and whole grains, which naturally contain the germ of life in their core.


You are pregnant and it is time to make sure you are meeting all your nutritional needs! As moms, we want to do everything we can to give our children the best possible environment to thrive and this starts in our womb!

As a health coach I can guide you with a complete eating plan focused on diet, good habits and the essential supplementation needed. For example, folate is the top nutrient needed pre-pregnancy and during pregnancy. A deficiency in folate can cause neural tube defects in the first few weeks of pregnancy. You can include plant-based sources of folate from dark leafy greens and beans. You also want to take a high-quality folate supplement (not folic acid which is the synthetic form and has been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer) to make sure you are getting the required amount.

Standard advices like “just take a prenatal and eat some meat for iron” or "now you need to eat for two" are detrumental and not sufficient for a conscious mom who wants to know she is giving her baby and themself everything they need to thrive! Let me educate and empower you today in yours and your child’s health!


The postpartum moment is a sacred period that must be dedicated solely on bonding to your baby, recover and heal. You have build up a human being for 9 months and now you must follow a solid nutrition plan to nourish yourself back to health. Following a plant-based diet you can easily focus on nutrient-dense foods to support your body after birth, which is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Postpartum nutrition is vital for both physical and mental health. Pregnancy and lactation place high demands on the body and nutrient depletion has been associated with a higher risk of postpartum depression. As a Health Coach I can help you with putting a plan in place for you to flourish postpartum (and long term ahead) to fully enjoy your new life as a mom!