The wellness industry is ever-expanding, and a lot of jobs around coaching and nutrition were born in recent years.

Many therapists, schools or institutes promote valid courses dedicated to healing through healthy habits and nutrition, but how many of them focus on the real practical aspect?

To master theoretical knowledge is essential to put the information into action… this is the true holistic approach that we aim for our client to heal and thrive.

We offer a program based on our in-depth knowledge of healthy macrobiotic and plant-based lifestyles and our teachers have from 40 to 10 years of real hands-on experience in this field.

 Any person who has the desire to change their lifestyle and improve their health needs someone who will welcome them by listening to their needs and immediately after that practically show them the way, this is what a holistic health therapist can do. Our course is a full immersion in food therapy, macrobiotic philosophy concepts and practical tools to keep a healthy life and prevent any disease without meds, but following the oriental medicine treatments and suggestions, plus how to properly nourish the body with healthy vibrant foods.



After the graduation you will become an Holistic Health Therapist and will be able to make consultancies to help people heal or design healthy meal plans to cure specific pathologies or simply enrich your knowledge about essential healthy cooking methods and all year round balanced nutrition.



Our 6 DAYS Holistic Health Therapist course is both theorical and practical, based not only on plant-based healthy nutrition, but also on: macrobiotic vegan foods, ancient traditional Japanese philosophy of Yin & Yang energies, Chinese 5 elements from traditional medicine with connections between organs and seasons, seasons and flavors, cooking techniques and food energies. This program is really helpful to prevent and cure sick status or imbalanced unhealthy conditions through healing foods handled in the best way.


This is an overview of the program:


- Introduction and basic rules about food therapy

- Well balanced meals

- Macrobiotic philosophy (Japanese) - Yin & Yang energy applied to foods & cuisine

- 5 steps energies transformations (5 elements) following ancient traditional Chinese medicine

- 1st element: Metal - Autumn season

- 2nd element: Water - Winter season

- 3th element: Wood - Springtime

- 4th element: Fire - Summertime

- 5th element: Earth - Dojo

- Final study about 5 elements, 5 flavors, recap & schemes


During each day of the course you will be fully involved in preparing 2 complete low carbs menus/meals (lunch and dinner), following all important theorical suggestions about well combined ingredients, seasons, organs and balanced energies.


You can join us in person, we are in a beautiful island of Azorean Archipelago in Portugal or ONLINE from the comfort of your home.

Please note: both proposals are very practical, because also during the online version you will cook along with us.


What is included?

Handout (recipes and theory), everyday lunch/dinner, only 100% organic ingredients, use of aprons and all kitchen tools, final Diploma.


What is not included?


Flights, accommodation and any other extras like car rental or excursions.